Master of Mystery: Higashino Keigo

Page 94.  I know who did it and why — or so I think.   A few dozen more pages go by.  I see where it’s going — but I don’t.  Misdirections and revelations ebb and flow like the tide in Higashino Keigo’s brilliant whodunit, Malice.  It quickly becomes apparent that I have no choice but to acquiesce to his mystery mastery and go along for the ride — and what a ride it is!

Expertly crafted and meticulously detailed, Malice is the story of two writers:  best-selling novelist Kunihiko Hidaka and burgeoning children’s author Osamu Nonoguchi.  A brutal murder brings to the scene police detective Kyoichiro Kaga, who initiates an unrelenting search for the truth.  Layers upon layers are woven together to form an intricate tale in which murder is just one mystery to be solved.  To tell you anything else about the story would be a complete disservice; you truly need to read it to believe it.

Malice is going straight to the top of my favorites list and I’ve already contacted my dear friends at Book Outlet to send me two more of Higashino’s novels.  If they’re anywhere nearly as brilliant as this one, I’ll have a new favorite author to add to my list.

Have you read any of Higashino’s novels?  Tell me if you loved them, but no spoilers, please!

Until then, happy reading!

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