The Humans

The Truth About Humanity: The Humans

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself through someone else’s eyes?  Maybe it was your reflection in a store window, or your voice in a recording, or maybe a snapshot taken of you unaware.  Whatever it was, there was that moment where you really didn’t recognize yourself — where you thought for a moment it was someone else.  Then you realized, that it was you.  The true you.  The one that the world sees, and that doesn’t always line up with the image in your mind’s eye.  Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cringe, and often it’s a bit closer to the truth than you’re comfortable with. That moment — that uncanny moment — is what it’s like reading The Humans.

Dr. Andrew Martin, professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, makes a discovery so astounding that it could completely rewrite the future of humanity, sending us on a trajectory of rapid development for which we are ill-prepared.  In an attempt to save us from this path of destruction that Dr. Martin has unwittingly set us upon, a being is sent to destroy Dr. Martin along with any trace of his discovery, including any people who might have even the most fleeting knowledge of it.  During his time as Dr. Andrew Martin, the being discovers the true depth and value of the human race, uncovering his own humanity in the process.

“Technology won’t save humankind.  Humans will.”

Insightful, observant and perfectly honest, The Humans completely challenged my perspective on what it means to be human.  It’s witty and intelligent, easily ranking among one of the top books I’ve ever read.  I know that the premise sounds completely corny, but that really couldn’t be further from the truth.  Give it a chance; it just might surprise you!

Have you ever read a book that turned out to be completely different from what you expected?  I’d love to hear about it and what you think about The Humans.  Join the discussion below!

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