The Girl With All the Gifts

I am not a horror fan.  In fact, the number of horror novels I’ve read can be counted on one hand.  In the mood for something different, however, this one caught my eye.  With nothing more than an open mind and a promising Kindle excerpt, I dove in, only to find myself racing to the end, completely invested in the characters and their plight.  Part horror, part dystopian, and completely unique in its approach and premise, The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey is a riveting journey into the previously unexplored (for me) world of dystopian horror.

Set roughly 20 years in the future, the book opens to children locked in cells in an underground military bunker.  The truth unfolds with the story, leaving me completely conflicted, my allegiance and sympathies aligned with the unlikeliest of heroes.  Haunting and disturbing, yet emotionally moving, The Girl With All the Gifts expands my definition of horror, and in doing so, becomes an unexpected addition to my favorites shelf.


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