My Little Bucket List: Literary Edition

So I was browsing about the interwebs today when I stumbled across the lovely book blog, The Novel Life.  On it, Stacy had a post about her own literary bucket list, (the idea for which she attributed to two other bloggers which, ashamedly, I have yet to check out, but surely will soon!) of 50 must-do book related items that she wants to accomplish.

I was, of course, completely inspired to make my own (albeit much smaller) list of literary things I want to accomplish before kicking the proverbial bucket.  So, without further ado, here is my little bucket list, literary edition!

  1.  Start a book blog  CHECK!
  2. Start a YouTube channel to go with said book blog
  3. Figure out how to get fellow readers to read my book blog and watch my soon to be YouTube channel
  4. Have/participate in a book club IRL (I’m in the works on this one!)  CHECK!
  5. Stay at The Library Hotel (8th floor, mysteries, please!) BTW, I entered a sweepstakes on their site just now, so who knows!
  6. Work in a little independent bookstore, and then with the experience from that…
  7. Have my own little bookshop that I live above (Cozy!!!)
  8. Meet Jasper Fforde (My favorite author!)
  9. Have him sign all my Thursday Next books
  10. Attend a lecture by Alan Bradley
  11. Get all the Flavia de Luce books
  12. Have Alan Bradley sign all them
  13. Start a Little Free Library (so wonderful!)
  14. Until then, pare down my collection to books I truly love and donate the rest to the one near my house
  15. Have a lovely two story library in my house a la My Fair Lady (Sorry!  I can’t figure out how to get the accent mark over the a in a la!)
  16. Complete my “Oh the Places I’d Go!” personal book challenge (read books from/about the ten places I’d most love to visit, blog post coming soon!)
  17. Participate in a book challenge from another site/blog
  18. Finish writing reviews for the books currently on my favorites shelves so I can justify all the books I’ve been ordering
  19. Visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder homes in Pepin, Wisconsin and Mansfield, Missouri, possibly in period costumes — yes, I’m really that much of a nerd (childhood literary dream #1)
  20. Visit Prince Edward Island, Canada so I can do an entire Anne of Green Gables inspired vacation (childhood literary dream #2)
  21. Find a magical wardrobe leading to Narnia (This is actually childhood literary dream #1, but I have to be realistic.)
  22. Lounge in a hammock sipping lemonade and reading books all day long (So very close to making this happen!  Lemonade in the fridge:  check; lovely backyard with plenty of trees: check!  Now all I need is a hammock.  Christmas is just around the corner…
  23. Read a book (a real-live grown-up book!) in another language
  24. Attend the National Book Festival
  25. Get someone else hooked on reading

So there you have it!  My top 25 bookish things to do wish list.  Thank you so very much to Stacy for the inspiration, and to the wonderful bloggers who inspired her post!  I really had a lot of fun making my own little list.

So how about you — what’s on your list?  I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Until then, happy reading!

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