The Rosie Project

I’m Smitten with The Rosie Project!

Well, the title says it all.  I am completely smitten with The Rosie Project!  Both times that I’ve read it, I finished it in one sitting, so if you’re looking for a fun, quick read to curl up with on a Saturday afternoon, then The Rosie Project is a fantastic choice.

So here’s the jist of the story:  Incredibly brilliant yet socially awkward genetics professor Don Tillman sets out on a journey to logically and mathematically find the perfect candidate to be his wife.  Guided by his best friend, fellow professor and committed Lothario, Glen and his pscychologist wife Claudia, the completely aggravating, yet somehow charming, Tillman navigates love and life in a manner worthy of Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.  (Since I am a huge fan of the show, that is not at all a problem for me.)  Of course, the appearance of Rosie completely disrupts his otherwise well-laid plans and calls into question the validity of his approach, not just to romance, but to life.

Like I said, this was my second time through The Rosie Project, so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t hold up.  The first time I read it, I was actually quite skeptical.  I’m generally not a chick lit, contemporary romance kind of girl, but so many lovely readers at Book Club Forum recommended it, that when I saw it for a pittance on Kindle, I gave it a go.  I was so very pleasantly surprised; I absolutely loved it!  It was witty, intelligent and completely original.  I found that the romance aspect was very much secondary to Don’s development as a person — actually to the emotional development of all the characters — and I liked that.  The second time around, I knew what to expect, so a bit of the freshness had worn off. Even so, it was still every bit as intelligent and endearing as I remembered, and is a book that I’m glad to have on my shelf.  Let me know what you think of it; I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, happy reading!

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